They say there's a harder way...
Oh dear friends of the buzzy ones,

Thank you for amazing patience & encouragement as these creations find their way in the world.  This season has required such depth-diving, such a continual clearing of eyes and rooting of soul. The conversations required for cultural awakening are storming daily, sweeping through our tightly-held spaces, calling for a brave new way to live from Love.

I've been in it, swimming & seeking with all y'all. Finding every teacher pointing the finger back to the self: whatever you need to do begins within. The center, the map, the moon, locating the awareness in the raw truth of experience, again & again, meeting with Love what is so. Making no more enemies, within or without. Starting from center, every time, and drawing oneself out into the world to do the necessary work as it comes.

Here we are, seeing the shapes of the monsters we've made, choosing to keep looking, keep clearing our eyes, dismantling the fairytales that feed our fears, calling ever more Love from within, changing the story from here forward.

Without further ado, here is the latest song available for the Marais House Record. Sweet merciful fuck, it is good to share!

Thanks for listening & for sharing your own work in the world.