‘They shall know no fear’

It’s 41 millenia again and there is only war. Space Marine chapter is fighting against genestealer-mutants which spawn in space hulks for some reason. Machine spirits made beta-version of Deathwing available during 0.896-908.016.M3 so we praised the Emperor and tested the game with our cogitator. Our main concerns were if Codex Astartes approves the game!

Game information

Name: Space Hulk: Deathwing  Publisher/Developer: Focus Interactive / Streum On Studio

Homepage http://www.streumon-studio.com/

Platform: PC Type: FPS, multiplayer, co-op

Age ratings: Provisional PEGI 16

Reviewer: Rami (36)

Picture and videos:

TotallyBiscuit tests

Game status?

Minuature games of Games Workship can be remembered at least for bad license games that have been popping up lately. Strenum Studios joins this dubious crowd with actual long term experience with first person shooters. The game is to be published in 9th of december and we are told that there will be single player campaing in which first company librarian from Dark Angels is searching clues for some long lost space hulk. The Beta-version of the Deathwing was only for multiplayer testing with one level - space hulk called ‘Olethros’.

Interesting features?

41th millenium has its own stylish and unique gothic superhero mythology. The players are still drawn to this world despite strong danger of testosterone intoxication. The Space Marine Terminators are elite of the elite that are send to small places with heavy armor, enemies being practically a legion. So from this standpoint first person shooter is definetly something that catches eyes.

What kind of content there will be?

Beta-test doesn’t reveal much of upcoming game. The playing is smooth enough but the weaknesses and unfinished details can be seen. There isn’t any tools for forming up multiplayer squads and campaing is still a big mystery. Many small details manage to annoy player like genestealers stuck to walls and screen refresh rate going up and down. Group roles work well but probably need balancing in near future.

If one wants to hear something good there wasn’t huge problems on multiplayer - client dropping was still an issue that is expected to be fixed to release. The gameplay is simple enough: doing missions in a big levels (and killing tons of genestealers in the progress). The goals were clearly marked and genestealers tend to attack with the waves. So the game a bit like Left For Dead but with powered armor! I would daresay that if the game is polished it could be interesting to play with friends!