Thick as Thieves - rough demo
I drove all the way up from New Orleans last week for some shows in the NY/NJ area. Long drives like that are the best possible venue for finishing songs. Nobody bothers you, and you have to sing to combat sleep and boredom. That's why when people look concernedly at me and say, "All that driving, by YOURSELF? You poor thing!" I just smirk and say "I like driving." This one started knocking around my brain a couple weeks back, and I tried to shoo it away because I could SWEAR I was ripping it off directly from some Sam Cooke song. But after consulting with my team (read: my mom and bassist), we agree that it sounds similar to a few songs but is not a direct rip off of any of them. Which, as you may know, is ideal. So here it is, Thick as Thieves. If anybody raises Sam Cooke from the dead or runs into his ghost, please ask him to record this for me. Love and thievery, Carsie PS. Listen via the soundcloud link, download on the patreon page by clicking the "thickasthieves.wav" link on the bottom right.