Thick Walls - Apartment Lot Trait

I see many users often on Discord looking for a mod to prevent noise from affecting apartment-dwelling Sims. This mod is a re-imagining of dnmartyn's "Thick Apartment Walls" mod, which has become outdated and has not received an update since 2019. 

Unlike dnmartyn's mod, which automatically affected all apartments in all situations, this version is instead a Lot Trait, in the interest of making it optional in case one has Sims they want to get riled up about 2 am neighbor woohoo. 

What It Does:

  • Prevents your Sims from giving a shit about neighbors playing music, woohooing, or whatever other types of noise Sims like to make in the middle of the night
  • Prevents your Sims' neighbors from caring about said noise

How to Use: 

  • Place the file in your Mods folder, preferably in some kind of subfolder intended for mods of this nature, because we don't love mess around here
  • Apply the lot trait to whichever apartment you wish to use it on
  • Magic


  • Requires either City Living or Eco Lifestyle to use, because otherwise why do you even need it
  • Working on game version 1.77.131. Not pirate-friendly.
  • Included languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian. Thanks to all translators!


  • 22/03 - Added Italian translation by ISY 
  • 23/03 - Added Spanish translation by Mer and French translation by Candyman
  • 05/04 - Added Simplified Chinese translation by MonicaJ and German translation by Cem
  • 27/04 - Updated to correct a bug that prevented the random buff from avoiding noise from displaying properly. Also added Russian translation by Origamika.


dnmartyn for the original mod off which this was based.

LeRoiDeTout for being my partner in everything and a constant help.

EG Warhammer for helping me test this.

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