A thing beyond the clouds
When you are really alone in the dark night, underneath a starry sky partially covered with clouds, and to avoid that loneliness, you listen to soothing music, pretend that loneliness is your power, being alone makes you feel better or stronger, but actually you are somewhere in your mind feeling guilty, wishing if somebody could be there to kill your seclusion, somebody who could ask you about your life, your day, and you. But you know that you can only wish and nothing else at that time. Fresh breeze kisses your skin and you look up in the sky thinking if there is really something beyond that intangible sky, really if there is something watching you from a big TV beyond the clouds, watching your fake or puzzled mind, and thinking whether that thing understands you or whether he is the only one who can solve this puzzle. But the answer you get is buzzing of the beatles, howling of the dogs, or utter silence. Perhaps these creatures are answering your questions, perhaps these beatles are sent by the thing beyond the clouds to end your loneliness, or perhaps the thing beyond the sky is here in the souls of these living creatures to accompany you.Oh! Am I with the unknown, the thing beyond the clouds, the invincible, or it's just my imagination, an open eye dream. You started with faking your mind and ended up within a labyrinth. A labyrinth in which the profound is there, in which every soul finds itself or perhaps ends itself in the darkness. Right now I am in this labyrinth under the sky sitting alone trying to kill my loneliness, faking my head, puzzling myself, and exploring The thing beyond the sky.