Things are changing!
As is explained in tonights video, Xaine's World is getting serious and to combat the recent changes to how youtube treats it's content and creators, the videos will be uploaded earlier... upto a week earlier.

While they are uploaded but not publicly visible, as a Xaine's World Patron, you will have access to the videos before they go public.

I never wanted to hold content back in order to make Patreon rewards, but as this is something I am having to do to adapt to the new way youtube works, I may as well post them here early for you awesome people.

I will be recording wednesdays video tonight and starting the edit before the livestream tomorrow.

If all goes well the wednesday show should be available on here at least a few hours early.

Over the next few weeks they will be up earlier and earlier until I reach the point when I am a week ahead allowing enough time for the videos to be fully reviewed each time before youtube publishing.

As soon as they are uploaded, I'll post them on here.

Thank you for reading, have an awesome night!