Things are going to change
Okay, so here's the thing. If you're here for early access to SCM, I'm cool with it. If you want to support me because you like what I do, I'm cool with it. What I'm not cool with is people becoming patrons, downloading SCM and canceling their patronage. That's literally exploiting the system and it's going to end today. Builds are only going to be available to the people with access to the patron-only Dropbox folder. Access to that folder will be granted at the beginning of the month for those whose pledges have been processed. To all the current patrons, don't worry, you're not losing access. I trust you because you didn't leave right after becoming a patron. Just shoot me a message with your DB email and I'll add you to the folder. To all the new patrons, you'll have to wait until your pledge is processed before you get access to the folder. I'm sorry, but there's nothing else I can do to prevent people from exploiting the system. I hope you understand :)
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