Things are Happening (Kinda)
Hey there!

It's been a while, although I don't think it matters too much since I don't have any patrons (yet), but still, it's probably disconcerting to browse through the listings and see someone who hasn't posted an update in months.

I have reasons, but none of them are very good and not really worth spending a ton of time explaining. The short of it is I became very frustrated with my inability to record solid footage of Minecraft (yes, people still play that game) on my AMD-based laptop. The frame rate was good, the game played fine, so those things weren't an issue.

No, what was an issue was the flickering in the video. See, Dxtory, AMD, and OpenGL don't play nicely together, thus causing random flickers in the footage. There is NO fix for it other than to use another program, which wasn't going to work for me. Couple this with Star Wars: Battlefront cripling my machine, I became very frustrated with the whole process and really stopped playing games altogether (although that has a lot to do with summer, my child, and a Fitbit).

I began looking for a better machine recently and while I saw many nice options, I couldn't bring myself to pay near $1000 just for a laptop with a 970m in it (especially with the NVIDIA 10 series out). For that much, I might as well go for the desktop build. No, I wanted it less than $800 and have pretty specific specs for me to think about jumping on it.

I missed on a couple of decent options due to being outbid on eBay at the last minute, but finally found an Acer Aspire Nitro for $700. It had an i7-4720HQ CPU, 16GB RAM, a 256GB SSD, a 1TB HDD, and a 4GB GTX 960m. I mean, I know a 960m isn't great, but it was better than my Radeon HD 8750m and for $700? That seemed really good.

So I went for it and what I've found is what I hoped for; Minecraft is recordable at 1080p/60fps, as is Ori and the Blind Forest. SW: Battlefront is playable on medium settings and is so much more fun when it isn't choppy and I have sound effects.

Now, I'm still tweaking things (Dxtory is being a butt as usual), but it's far better than I was doing before and with half the noise. Seriously, the Acer's fan noise profile is so much lower than the HP Envy's it's ridiculous and means I don't need to worry as much about noise removal.

Of course, the downside is the Island Survival series is dead again (I forgot to back-up the save before wiping my HDD in a process no one really cares about), but that's okay because I feel better about doing a regular survival series anyway.

Okay, so the short story became a long story.

Bottom line is the Acer will hold me over until I compile the parts I need to build a desktop and ultimately give my viewers (all 6 of you) the best experience possible. I'm aiming for by spring, but life tends to disagree with my goals when I come up with a time frame.

Now then, on to the meat of this post. While I wait for my ex to ultimately get her living situation settled, I will only be recording on Friday and Saturday nights when my child goes to sleep. During the week will be editing, rendering, and uploading, plus side work in games where I don't want to record all the tedious aspects.Once my ex and I are no longer living together, the schedule will likely change a bit. I'll be able to do more during the week, so I might throw in some live-streaming in there as well. I mean, if the Envy could stream, the Acer should knock it out of the park (if I get OBS going again).

Now, a Patron or two could go a long way towards making things happen faster, but we shall see. No one's embraced this yet and I don't know if anyone will until I develop a better (read: bigger) audience.

That's all for now, but stay tuned as I upload the last few videos I've done. One is actually from my gaming channel, but there have been a couple on the Vlog channel as well (I've slacked hardcore with this; no longer I have no support).

Thanks again! 

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