THINGS! Further things!
Everything will be changing and updated.

We don't know where to put the bit about the remixes, the ambient loop sets, birthday sound stuff and the stickers. Stickers? I don't know? Let's just roll with it. They'll probably be bleak and poorly made.

We're still working out logistics for t-shirts.


There's a lot of shit...

Stuff like email lists were forgotten because space ran out.

All that and that and things.


But, look - if you enjoy what we do - the full scope or small...if it brings you a bit of joy and a bit of clenchy hands wince in others...

Thank you. 

We'd like to do that to you for all the time we have left.

Keep an eye. Info will be dropped here asap.

For some reason, I wrote asap. And then I read it back - so,

*cough* *clears throat*

Keep an eye. Info will be dropped here as soon as humanly possible.