Things on the Back Burner
In 2014 I got walloped by a heart attack that pulled things to a screeching halt as I recovered from the pacemaker surgery. 2015, nothing as drastic, but I am awaiting a key piece of new studio gear (the Line 6 Amplifi TT desktop guitar processor), which is on backorder. So... I've been working on back burner projects. I've updated my FNORD Business Card Contest and new card/game pieces are coming this week in the mail. And I've been working on my Paranormal Playing Cards and I have three tuckboxes to show you. There are two skull boxes, one in black and one in white. Both of the skull boxes have animated flip backs. If you hold the deck and flip the cards you'll see an animation play out. These are going to become limited editions at some point. The main edition is going to be the guitar deck that comes with a standard back. Take a look and opinions are welcome. At the current rate of production I'm looking at a 2016-2017 Kickstarter release. and look forward to a new song coming out in February!