Things to come!

Hi everyone!  Just thought I'd make a post updating y'all on what's going on with me .

As you may know I've had the tremendous good fortune of having "It's Not a Race" strike a chord within the queer/feminist community.  People have thanked me, shared their stories, and told me how it helped them.  And that's a dream come true.

Recently I attended the Small Press Expo and I had an amazing time.  First of all it was like I had found my people.  Hundreds of people who shared my love for independent comics.  But most of all I LEARNED SO MUCH.   I'm very excited to get to work on more comics.  Right now I have at least 10 mini comics I want to make.  But first things first:

  • I want to revise/update my Patreon page!
  • I'm going to be working with Every Day Feminism doing a trial run as a potential contributor!
  • I'm going to be maybe(?) working with local activist Teena Fitzroy doing a mini biopic!
  • I'm going to be updating my website!
  • I want Orcs Vs Feminism to have it's own website!  I want to publish it as a book darn it!

Let's talk about Patreon though...

I have learned that people really aren't interested in the "page by page" approach to uploading comics that I've been doing this entire time.  In the very near future will shift from producing on a weekly basis (which I have more than proved I am capable of) to posting "when it's done."

However!  I will be posting pages as I go to my Patreon.  So essentially people who can't wait will have the opportunity of seeing it first here!

I want to modify my other rewards as well.  For example hanging out in a chat through out the day so that patrons can shoot the shit with me.

I'm also open to suggestion!  So if there's something you'd like to see as a reward please let me know!


As always thank you so much for your support.  It means everything to me! <3

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