Things to come....?

Hello Crew,

in case you missed it, here´s the Goth Aid show! 

It brought us a new Crew member - which disappeared shortly after before I could even write a welcome message - well :-D

In other news, I´m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that there will be no live shows for the rest of this year. Which had hardly even started. Hard for me because as much as I work on albums and artwork and videos, I always feel that performing is the one thing I am really good at. Mistakes in performing live never scare me. Because I know I can keep up the arc. I can keep you all with me. Not the same with pre-recorded stuff. That´s why it takes me always so long making those (being a pain in the ass of everyone involved). Or streamings which I can watch afterwards and cringe. 

I posted on facebook last night a general request for advice, which brought some interesting ideas. Here´s the post, you should be able to read it no matter whether logged in to facebook or not.

In short, I am trying to find new ways to make stuff. So first - what does NOT work?

I can´t perform. Streaming is ....nice..... but not really suitable for what we´ve been doing the last years. I can still write, yes, but I need to know what for so I have to find an outlet first. I can´t sell tons of CDs- even if mailing into every country was an option, and even if there were thousands of you - I couldn´t produce and mail so many physical items. Downloads are only for those with bad internet and HiFi-ambition. There is no band, no Rah, who was my main source of inspiration and motivation, and of development, for 18 months. Christoph is busy saving our income. And I am trying to sit down on the piano and motivate myself to play. 

What DOES work?

You. Having Patreons is the best, and only, motivation, to keep going, to make more art. There would be literally no reason to keep going without you.

From some point on, playing theatre. Many countries, including Germany, talk about reopening seated places this year again, but no clubs and music bars, or festivals. I can do theatre. Love to do it. We did the Space Radio show for years, and it was nice. I just thought we had outgrown it. But well. It´s better than not performing. 

Finishing the stuff I started and never had time to complete. The video to Modern Conversation is a must because it looks exactly like a Zoom conversation! Also, because Dani is in there and it´s a year soon since her passing...  And there´s the movie treatment for SCIENCE FICTION obviously. It could as well become a book. Or a graphic novel - well Steve is on it anyway!

Try and find something that works in live streaming, and ONLY in live streaming. These streamed gigs are sooooo tiresome are they not?? I mean, inventing a new form of art. The most intriguing idea, but I have no clue where to start.

Collaborate (Mishkin´s suggestion!). Have people send me stuff and work on it, and vice versa (downside: I can´t publish anything someone in a Publishing Rights Organisation has written or co-written in Germany, not even a video on youtube).

Which of these would you like me to do?

What else?

Let´s have a poll. I collected the above ideas and everything else I could think of in a list. And I set the poll to one answer per person only because I know how affirmagtive you all are <3 so you have to tell me your FAVOURITE option. Like, for the next Thing. 

First time I use the poll option because it´s fun. Might be I mess it up :-D

Also, this post is public so people who MIGHT be interested in joining the patreon can have a say too :-D

And please please please tell me more about what you are doing. 

And how you are doing. 

Patreon was a bitch and didn´t let me answer to the last comments in days. I´ve read them!!! I´ll go there again tomorrow and try again. and again.



More live streams from normal rehearsals, alone or with Christoph

Those are boring. Invent something entirely new, even if that takes ages!

Solo piano recordings of older songs, in new versions maybe

New songs, recorded solo, even if in draft mode (might take a while, too)

Stuff to read. Stories, novel chapters, poems.

Make more visual art. Another graphic novel with my own images.

Make more videos for the twfs songs (NIGHT and ANOTHER DREAM have scripts already, and VANITY FAIR is rather easy to do, too).

Talk. Make videos instead of written blogs. Could also be singing lessons or audio tutorials.


Collaborate (Mishkin´s suggestion!). Have people send me stuff and work on it, and vice versa.

Try new stuff and stream my failures to you. Like, doing electronic session, or improvising on the piano, eventually making a song, or not.

Other (please comment)

6 votes total

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