The writing front has been feeling really spare lately. The well isn't dry, but I haven't been there to drink from it. I feel like I've been too tied in readjusting to life in the U.S., to life in Denver, to new work schedules, to new circumstances for much writing to happen. When I have found time, though, it seems to have gone reasonably well most of the time. It just feels like paltry little production. I did write a story that I'm pretty happy with for Aaron Michael Ritchey's Juniper Wars. When the editing process is finished, I'll share that one with you. Call it a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western. Just yesterday, I finished a first draft of a crime/noir short story set in modern-day Colorado. This one came to me when I sat down one day to have some fun, and opened up my Writer's Block (a little book, shaped like a cube, full of short writing prompts). The prompt was, "Write about someone who has just committed a murder, but do not describe the murder." So that one will be coming your way in a week or two. I've been thinking about you guys lately, and Patreon, and wondering about how well I'm doing this "Patreon thing." There are some things I have really fallen down on, and that is the video chats promised up front. A major reason for that is when I launched this campaign, I was living in Oakura, NZ, where the internet was but non-existent. We struggled for months with it and never really resolved anything. Being in such a wildly different time zone also made things more difficult, so I never got into the habit of delivering on that promise. For that, I apologize. But now, it's about a year on (hard to believe) and I want to give you guys more of what you came here for. Please do chime in. This direct line of communication is part of why you're here. Are you interested in the video chats? If so, I'll set one up. Also, some of you are Patrons at higher levels, which means I owe you books. I'll be in touch with those folks later today about that. This all leads up something else I'm considering: changing the Patreon format from "pay by the story" to "per month." The reason for this is that I'm going to be launching myself into a new novel effort: a steampunk samurai novel. I would share those pages with you in raw form, as they develop. So basically you'd be getting the novel in serial form. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this idea. Thank you for your support! You are awesome!