Some sketches from characters.

So Here we go again.

I was always admiring those people who can start and end stuff.

And I decided to become one of them, but I really don't know where to start. I got an idea, I got tools, I got story, characters ready, I got time!

But, there are so many things that distracting me right now, bookcases that we need to paint, stuff to do, CVs to send. I start by doing dishes and cleaning bathroom, bang! one hour gone, cooking meal+ a bit of hoovering after drilling some holes in my brush holder, bang! another hour. House is still a mess, pretty much the same with my thoughts and feelings. I want to crawl with a book, but I need to keep going, at this point I want to shout. But instead I will just take a shower, meditate and go back to drawing, or sculpting or what ever. I got 24 hours to finish something, then dinner with friends and 3 days of misery at work. Sunday night I will be exhausted, stressed and angry with only one thought go back to safety of our home, go back to her. 

She will give me a push(hopefully not from stairs) to do something creative, probably our bookcases will be finished, my aerograph will arrive, and after enjoying cold non-alcoholic beverage I will be back to my fantasy worlds creating, being awesome, hiding my killer instincts. And of course converting my sick imagination into drawings,paintings,digital or traditional.