Things to expect!
Right now I am working on three projects. First, my goal is to produce one short story every three months. The story I am working on now will involve an inventer, a time machine, and a UFC fighter. My second project is a book I hope to publish called The Light Warrior. Imagine a world where everything gives off light. A blade of grass from the Light World would light up a room here on Earth with a green glow. A boy from that world embarks on a journey in the world of light to fulfill his dream to become a Light Warrior.  Finally, I am working with my friend Bob to finish a comic that will be the first issue of Max Shadow. What happens when a child in a children's home becomes a silhouette? Can a child already on the outskirts of society survive when he even scares the neglected? All of these projects are in the works, so stay tuned for the many adventures to come!