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Things Will Neither Be as Good as You Hope, Nor as Bad as You Fear
This  is a post about the election. I am not interested in arguing about  anything in this post with anyone. I'm not willing to do any  intellectual or emotional labor for anyone around the topics in this  piece. If you don't think you can read a post about the election without  asking for labor from me, please don't read this piece.

"I know  this will upset some of you to hear, but this is the part that I feel  like I have to say before anything else can come out of my chest.  Progressives who voted third party in swing states (or didn’t vote at  all) because Clinton wasn’t progressive enough make me feel like a  hostage in a negotiation. “Give me a better Democratic candidate, or the  girl gets it.” Well, they called your bluff, I’m shot and bleeding, and  none of us are better off for it. Most of these progressives are white  and non-Jewish; some aren’t, but even those are responsible for  bargaining with others’ lives as if those lives are theirs to bargain  with.

Now I am being told to “organize” with my fellow  progressives because this is the only way to stop Trump. Leaving aside  the fact that the only realistic way to stop Trump given the conditions  we had was to vote for Clinton, I wouldn’t organize so much as a desk  drawer with people who so cavalierly threw me and all other marginalized  people onto the negotiating table.

I’m aware that third-party  voters and nonvoters don’t see it that way. You see it as a matter of  conscience, of standing up for what’s right. That may be true for you,  but I feel that my life, health, and safety have been put on the line  without my consent and I can’t trust people who do that to me."

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