I am working on a doll, Ever After High, my first doll face-up. I got inspiration from Dollightful, my favorite doll YouTuber. I thank her and hope to someday maybe get close to her amazing customs. This custom has Raven Queen, she will be turned into a cat for a late Halloween, I love Halloween so mainly you will see scary stuff, I have no clay so this will be fun. I may post my first dress I made, I promise you this is my, so bad that it is to admit but, TERRIBLE work of art. The lucky cat who wears it is Catty Nior, she shamefully walks the halls of Monster High with the CATasophe.... But Raven will have a completely BLACK outfit, dress perhaps on of my best if she is started tomorrow. Can any of you suggest some ideas to put on the dress or her face. OH! Her face-up, pretty sure you guys wanna hear about that, it's already PLANNED! Yep, her eyes has whites, greens, and blues, with a black pupil like a cat, her dress I am hoping to actually succeed at measuring I never measure this may be my problem but today, I will... ahem, I WILL MEASURE FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. Well, now that's out I will leave you to help make it even better, shoes may not be included for the 'Kitty' style.