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Think Of The Children!

This is another collbaration with the fabulous Becky Hawkins.  I wrote, Becky drew, and I did the letters and colors. Using a different color for each decade was Becky's idea.

One thing that's been very striking, over the last decade, is how much losing the cultural fight against lesbian and gay acceptance has led to the right focusing more of their fire on trans people. And, for now, a lot of people are thinking that the anti-trans movement makes sense.

I think it's important to look at the history. Every idea shown in this cartoon was, at one time, seen as mainstream and sensible. But this kind of discrimination doesn't age well. 

The twenty-year-old who was against gay marraige a decade ago has now become a thirty-year-old who wants to force trans women to use the men's room, and vice versa. And in forty years, that same person will be lying to their grandchildren about the part they played in the civil rights fights of their youth. (Hey, maybe that should be a cartoon? Hmmm.)

I'm not going to release this cartoon publicly until Friday the 24th - but all my patrons get to see it early, as a thank you for supporting these cartoons.  It's your support that makes a cartoon like this possible - and makes it possible for me to pay Becky for her work!

If  you're supporting at a $5 or above level, please feel free to start sharing the cartoon immediately. Everyone else (me and Becky included), please wait until Friday.

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Transcript of Cartoon

Panel 1
A man in a suit and hat is speaking loudly to a crowd of people watching  him. He is holding out a book called “The Talmud Unmasked.”
MAN: We can’t allow Jews in our club! They’re perverts and deviants! Think of the children!

Panel 2
A woman and man stand in front of a suburban home. Behind them, on the  lawn, two adorable children are playing catch. The man has his arm  around the woman’s shoulder, and the woman is holding a baby in her  arms.
WOMAN: Blacks integrating into our neighborhood? No! Think of the children!

Panel 3
Several protesters are marching in front of a school building. One  protester, a woman holding a child (who is struggling to get away) with  one arm and a sign saying “FIRE HER!” with the other hand, is speaking.
WOMAN: A lesbian can’t be a teacher! Think of the children!

Panel 4
A man in a suit stands on the steps of what looks like a government  building. Many reporters are holding out microphones to record what he’s  saying. He has a small girl with him, patting her on the head with one  hand while pointing at her with the other.
MAN: We need to keep transsexuals out of public bathrooms! Think of the children!

Kicker panel.
The small girl has turned to face the man with the suit. He speaks to her sternly, holding up an admonishing finger.
GIRL: But I’m trans.
MAN: Don’t confuse me!

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