Thinking Ahead. In a Roundabout Kind of Way.
I think by now I've been out of regular weekly publishing long enough that, apart from resolving to get back in soon*, I might as well look into alternative models, too. One I've been having my eye on for a while now is Tapastic. Or maybe Line Webtoon, they're pretty similar. I've dipped my toes into the latter with an occaisonal sampling of Gate Crash, but I guess it's safe to say that went pretty much unnoticed. Tapastic seems to be better known outside of Korea and thus a better match for Conny Van Ehlsing, so I'll go with that as shorthand for now.

The Tapastic model works fine with regular updates, I hear, but the story-focussed presentation encourages moving beyond that, too. Uploading whole stories makes sense for me, in a very immediate way. I must have at least 50 Conny Van Ehlsing stories if you count the shorts. I could go a full year publishing one a week. Years if I spread it out a little. Which, given the workload of adjusting comics to Tapastic's layout preferences, might be wise.

If it can bring in new readers, this is pretty much a no-brainer. I should do that. Except, I don't do no-brainers. Not without some thinking. I guess I'm just more of a brainers guy.

One: The workload.
If this cuts into my other endeavors, like getting the webcomic itself back to where it's running* or making books that people can give me money for or, in lieu of that, making money, I'll have to be careful not to spread myself too thin. I've done that before, on now-defunkt sites that seemed like a good idea at the time. Turned out that, while it did bring in readers, those just weren't always enough to justify the extra work.

Two: The publishing order. I'll want to lead with some of the best stories to get readers a feel of what Conny can do. Those aren't necessarily the earliest. Then again, I'll need some of the earliest because they introduce much of the world. The direction I'm leaning toward is to create a framework of the most important stories to lead with, then fill in the gaps. (Atomic Robo style.) Provided Tapastic allows for gaps to fill in later.

To make things easier, I'd probably start with Vol. 2's Tales From The Sandpit which is really where the series as it has developed begins. Maybe I'll tie in the Vol. 1 stories on the side as Conny Van Ehlsing Classics.

I'm having simliar thinkings, btw, about ebooks, another thing I've been considering more recently. Originally, I wanted to split the volumes as they were into chunks of about 20pp, but I also like the idea of breaking them up some more, maybe make something that's more like a comics magazine than a comic book. (Well, not a magazine with articles because e-comic platforms don't do those, but I could mix new stories with "classic" ones or something.) Ooh, and I could tie that in with the Tapastic publishing schedule, but that would call for some really fancy editing. Did I mention I sometimes think too much?

While I'm at it, I can do a similar thing in German, on where I've published stories since 2010 but never really put any order into those. MyComics now offers the possibility of publishing a comic as a series, which, admittedly, is all I know about that at the moment. I should look into that.

All of this could be a nice lead-in to the next volume of the ongoing webcomic*. Unless, of course, I take too long thinking about it.

*) Seriously. I miss it, too.