Thinking of Legion!!!!!!
Here's a photo of me at the World of Warcraft Legion Launch event hosted at eSports Arena in Southern California. This was roughly a month and a half ago, and the reason i am posting it now if because it was an EPIC event for one (I met alot of talented blizzard devs) and I miss WoW immensely. I decided to try out fire (shh, nobody knows yet) but my game crashes every time I launch!!! My trusty computer that I built nearly two and a half years ago now is yelling at me for upgrades. Its about time, so im going to order what I can and stream some WoW ASAP (most likely once the upgrades come)!! Just wanted to THANK every single person who takes the time to read this. You all are very unique and important in this life and I wish you the very best!! Ill be back soon with more cool updates, Cheers friends!
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