Thinking Out Loud pt.6
Cold eyes shined mercilessly behind what I considered to be an angel's face found by wild whispers on a human body. ~ It was never for the money, nor the fame. It was for the experience, for the essence of creating itself. ~ Black feathered eagles talk to me in dreams. They show what appears to be, empty blank space. Silent. And silent, I walk through it, looking for the exit sign. I just got to leave. ~ The blue great depths welcome me, as I ignore pleased the calm reminder of death upon me. A shadow dark covers the vanishing light, slowly. There is nothing left to do. No regrets. I surrender. Meanwhile the skeletal hand forms before me, swiping any remaining cry for life. Not to worry about, I am at last, free. ~ Why insist of speaking words that others have spoken. Why bother to talk when there is nothing to be said. Why waste our time doing things we do not wish to be doing. Why. ~ -I'm just wild whispers. Let's just lose hope. Seek out inner desires, before they get stolen. -Geometric source beyond, please listen to me, I beg. Need I perish when my time has come, let her know that she was loved.
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