This Earth Flat or Round?
  everything about our world, life, has been a great big lie starting  from the church leaders who knew the truth and didnt follow completely,  why would they separate from the ctholic church if only to continue with  their man made traditions and rules, just a couple of different  theological changes but dismissed the 4th commandment, i dont  understand, why follow christ-mass    christ then their famouse dead  Mas. it all has been a lie and we continue in it with work, business,  debt, homes, insurance etc etc, shopping, shopping and more shopping and  more debt and more slavery to the system that keeps us enslaved and  away from Yahuah God. it is so hard to please the father working for the  enemy and his ways. it is a 1 step forward and 2 steps back system  where we cannot be healed completely. only through the power of the holy  Ghost can we survive at all in this hell on earth, part 1 of the real  hell to follow.

we are coming to the closing of this movie called  life and soon the good guys will be gone with the Savior Yeshua Ha  Machiach (Jesus) and the wicked will be here to fend for themselves  hoping for quick death that will not come. it is so sad but they prefer  fun and worldly temporary joys, false sense of security and fake sense  of happiness and love it is all senseless as Solomon stated so good,  life is like the wind here today and gone in a second, all the hard work  and struggle for what?? for another to enjoy all senseless he says. it  is so true.

To me the flat earth square earth triangle earth  doesnt matter what matters to me is i am stuck on this earth whichever  shape it may be and waiting for the Messiah to come and remove me from  it until the new Heaven come down and re establishes this fake ugly and  sinful distorted world.  God Bless.