This Feeling.
Hello! I'm Laurene Alvarado. I love peanut butter more than anyone you know. It's nice to meet you. I come to write here tonight bursting with excitement. I've just earned my first six cents on YouTube. I started making videos this year as a way to visually share my art. This was a big venture for me and quite the career segue. I had been saying to myself for some time that I had wanted to come out of my shell. To finally crawl my way out of the wretched self-limitations that I unknowingly imposed upon myself. I had to let go of those self-doubting notions bigtime. They have this way of rearing their tricky heads from time to time and its always such an unpleasant experience for me. But really? I was scared. Oh, how that little voice inside my head would tap into my thoughts. Sometimes I give this voice the name of Mauritzio. He's like The Phantom of the Opera that roams the theatre walls, but way less threatening and totally encouraging. No, wait. Is that voice my conscience? My Jiminy Cricket? I have wished upon many stars. I dunno. Could be. Perhaps I'm creating that thought as I go along? Who knows. Probably not. Or possibly a signal from the mind of the Universe that binds us? Hmm. Yes. That's it. For me anyways. Mauritzio would tell me I needed to put myself out there and to not be afraid. That is one of the most treasured things anyone can say to anyone. Don't be afraid. Six months later, I'm a nickle and a penny richer. This feeling. This very moment is that feeling I've been longing so much for. The concept of making art and getting paid for it is something to be celebrated. The thought of being able to create art 24/7 IS real. I'm giddy. I am so incredibly excited. And extremely grateful to be fortunate enough to feel this feeling. It's so rad. It's so cool. Thank you. Don't be afraid. It all starts with a wish. xx laurene