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This game contains absolutely no triggering material
This game contains absolutely no triggering material. This is both the title of the game, and the first rule of the game. Nothing that happens in this game is triggering to any of the players in any way.


I conceived of, designed, and wrote this game entirely in the last 24 hours. This is an incredibly short timeframe for me -- often my design work, even on short games, takes years. It is also almost certainly the darkest and most challenging thing I've ever written.

There is a broader impetus -- why now? -- which I may talk about later. Presently, though, I think that the game is strong enough to stand on its own.

The game PDF does not have my usual level of polish. I am hoping to add that in the coming days; I felt that there was a time-sensitivity which justified releasing it as a straight export from the word-processor.

P.S. To my fellow sufferers of PTSD: You probably have a creepy feeling about this game's title. Please allow that creepy feeling to serve you as a warning.