This Girl - WIP
Hey gang!

This is a project I've been working on along side pages and other things.  I have a few more touches to add, colors to play with, text to lay just-so. But I figured I'd show you a little early since we're almost there.  Once it's finished I'll throw it up on the store and Patrons will get a free download.  I've sort of made it a phone lock screen image.  But I don't know how it'll fit.  Anyway, it'll be cool.

I got real mad at the news a week or so ago and channeled that anger into a lot of drawings.  Several political cartoons and a little banner for my personal FB page with this.  I figured I'd share.  If there are monsters in your world, be like Baeve, I guess.

I was inspired by a picture of Atomic Robo  wearing a "this machine kills fascists," tee-shirt.  I didn't even realize that was originally dsomething Woody Guthrie put on his guitar.  I already liked the man, but that's a cool factoid!

Anyway, enjoy!  See you tomorrow with more art!