This Guy and Autumn could compare notes...
 5 Tips for Planning (and Surviving) a Mega Road Trip  
Talk about a quest. Two years ago, Mikah Meyer set out to become the youngest person to visit all 417 U.S. National Park Service sites. Since then, the 31-year-old blogger and LGBT activist has been going at it nonstop, driving around the country in a converted cargo van and sharing videos along the way. Meyer reached a major milestone earlier this week when he started the final third of the journey; when he wraps up the trip this time next year, he will have logged some 80,000 miles in all. Contributing writer Matt Villano recently caught up with the blogger to get some tips for planning and surviving an extended road trip.

While Autumn’s trip is ongoing, not usually videotaped/blogged, and half on foot, there are parts of it that she has in common with this real-life gentleman. 

He, too, is doing his travel in a van he’s living out of, as she does during the Ren Fest part of the year.  I don’t see an inside shot of his van (“map” of Autumn’s either coming soon or already up here, depending on how scheduling works) but it looks a bit smaller than Autumn’s - then again, he doesn’t have to keep art supplies and merchandise, either. 

The solar-powered fridge is a good idea, though.