This is unbelievable
I didn't think anybody would actually donate, BUT we actually almost hit our highest goal... like WTF man xD 

So... If you can just donate 4 bucks then I can get the Steam version, and I'll play with my Patreon supporters if I can buy it. Unfortunately, I can't get my money out and buy it, due to a one week cooldown on my PayPal account.

So I will purchase it on tuesday (May. 24) if things go right.

Tier Benefits
I'll thank you
$1 or more per null 0 patrons
  • You should be proud, that you gave me my first dollar on the interwebz.
  • You will be thanked by me. Just look at the next line.-

    Thank you! :3
Just donate 1$. You get the same.
$2 or more per null 0 patrons
  • Basically tha same as the 1$ one.
You're too generous :3
$5 or more per null 0 patrons
  • Low quality thank you video on my YT channel that almost has 15 subs. I'm quite popular there.
  • All other stuff from the previous tiers.
You basically bought me the game
$10 or more per null 1 patron
  • Thanks man! 
  • Why are you doing this?
  • You know you dont benefit from this at all, dont you?
  • You probably did it for da memez.
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