This is advertise about me in Patreon.
Imagine this. You like my art, my paintings, my sculptures or my my drawings.. or maybe you like em all.. even my videos in youtube. Or maybe you just like my beautiful beard and sunny personality... or you just feel sad for poor artist like me.

But for some reason, that is not any of my business, you wont/cant/want buy art from me.  But you are keen to see what I do and maybe willing to support me somehow. Well.. Patreon.. this site here.. is you place then.

This is the place where I show first what I'm doing... what I've finished... and my videos. EVERYTHING I do in the arena of art will be shown here first.

AND that is not all. Here I also tell more about my art.. what I think when I do my art.. and why I do. Sometimes I whine a bit.. sometimes I'm over happy.. but THIS is the place where I share most.

THIS is also the place where I talk with my patrons. Have conversations about my art, ask sometimes where to go next when I'm stuck.. or names for my art work, because that is hard part.

But wait.. still that is not all..  I do send stuff to my patrons... hand drawn colouring pictures. Photography I've taken.. and to those who pay me even more.. will get even more.

This is such a great idea that Finnish bureaucracy most likely will deny this from me soon, as they usually do with any new and great idea to help people.. so.. hurry.. please.. before they shut me down.