This is AMAZING.
We've only been on Patreon since last Friday, and we're already up to $164 a month in pledges!  You know, if this keeps up, we'll actually be able to pay our producers and DJ's for the work they do every month that makes Krypton Radio the finest geek culture station on Earth. 

I personally love this idea, because I want them to be able to keep doing it, and the best way to do that is to remove the day to day obstacles and concerns that get in the way of doing that.  Basically, they need to be paid for what they do and for all the hard work they put in to create all this wondrous geekie stuff.

Thanks to you, we're closer to making that happen, and I am thunderstruck at how quickly it's happening.

What can I say, but THANK YOU!!

- Gene Turnbow, Station Manager of Krypton Radio