This is Awesome. Thank You!
Yesterday, we crushed our $700 milestone. (Epic!) Thank you all for your ongoing support. Over the last year or so, our Patreon campaign has gone from nothing to a central part of how I run Raging Swan Press. Your support enables us to pay industry-leading pay rates, and snags you loads of cool gaming products! 

Now it’s enabling us to increase the size of some of our longest running lines—Village Backdrop and Places of Power. Starting soon—we still have some “normal” length  instalments in the development queue—we’ll add two extra pages of detail to our new releases.  That makes each instalment 40% more awesome! 

This is a great time for you to tell me what you want us to do with the extra space! Here are some possible options:

1. More details of the village or place of power itself. More NPCs, numbered locations and so on.

2. Details (and a local area map) of the area surrounding the village. 

3. Stat blocks—lovely stat blocks! (I suspect this is more relevant for Pathfinder and 5e editions; Old-school stat blocks aren’t exactly massive).

4. A mix of the above.

5. Something clever I haven’t thought of. 

Let me know what you’d like to see, in the comments below!

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