This is for you
The community page is a place where you are welcome to post your thoughts, stories, pictures, questions, etc. You can even post your fan fiction. (Although if it's a novel, try limiting it to a few pages.) It's also a place where you can get to know each other if you like. Only Patrons can post in the Community. 

Rules are simple - Don't argue in earnest, Don't insult anyone else, and Don't be a douchebag. 

So, if you want to argue over characters, keep it to "I don't care who disagrees with me, but that character is the best and this is why!" followed by "Oh, I can't believe you like them, this other character is better and THIS is why!" 

That discussion can reasonably end with agreeing to disagree.

But not, "This story is best and people who don't like it are idiots!" followed by "This other story is better and (your mama insult)!"

For examples of how people use the Community page, check out some other creators - the amazing Sophie Labelle  is here on Patreon.