This Is How You're Helping...
When you become a Patron of someone here, do you ever wonder sometimes: 'What are they doing with my monies?' Of course their page will show a breakdown of where the dollars go, such as cost of supplies used, or a course the artist would like to take. Those are some of many examples. Well, in this case you're helping me afford more time.

Yes, more time. When you help by just giving only $1/month (and share like crazy so lots of people do), then I don't have as strong of a need for a day job and get more free time to do projects like this MAJOR birthday one. Seriously guys - how am I 30 already? Wow! 

Anyway, even if you're not currently able to pledge, it would be awesome if you could still follow me here and of course share. Share a lot :D

Thank you so much,

xoxo, Daryl J.