This is how cooption works. Recuperation series part 1
During any kind of mass movement there is always pressure and forces working to undermine you and make your efforts part of the status quo, to prevent change and preserve power structures.

Celebrities and people with incentives are often working to engage in whats known as recuperation. 

In this article im going to give you an example of this recuperation at work.

On the surface it might appear as though she is trying to counter Trump possibly pushing for an NFL boycott simply to not give Trump what he wants. But if we look deeper we see she has a monetary interest in the NFL being watched.

She has a clothing store in the NFL shop.

She also has family that works within the new york giants organization.

So as we can see she has a financial interest in the NFL being watched and she has little real interest in justice.

Activist Shaun King immediately seemed to catch on to this ploy and rightfully called for the boycott to continue. 

There are many others attempting recuperation, she is not the only one, but i am just using her as an example.

Be wary of celeberties, be wary of their motives. Look into peoples monetary interests. Dig deeper into people who claim to be on your side, especially if they are famous. 

The interests of capitalists and capitalist sympathizers is not to stop fascism, but to profit from it. 

This article will be the first of many in a series dedicated to pointing out recuperation where it occurs. 

We must not let them uphold the status quo.

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