This is an intense trip.
I knew that coming to my homeland of Cambodia for the first time would be intense. How could it not be? This is where most of my family died during the Cambodian Killing Fields, the genocide from which my father luckily escaped. This is a heavy trip.

But it is also a fucking delightful trip. (Sorry for the swearing.) I'm growing so close to my brother Allen (who lives here in Phnom Penh), and I've been welcomed to my homeland with arms far more outstretched than I could have imagined. I have been writing and practicing music every day, and I have 5 shows next week!

As some friends know, I had a bad accident yesterday morning. I fell down a staircase and my hit hit all the stairs on the way down. I was bleeding profusely and lost feeling and vision for a little bit, but Allen rushed me to the hospital, successfully calmed me down, and a fantastic doctor stitched me up. My brother even thought to grab my phone and earbuds so that I could listen to my Star Wars podcast during the stitches! <3

Anyway, above you can see a recap of yesterday that Allen filmed and edited. We're filming lots of behind the scenes footage that I'll be able to share with my patrons. In the above 3 minute clip, you can see some of the venues I'm playing and also a bit of me rehearsing! 

While at the hospital, I actually started writing a new song in my head, which I finished later that day (with lyrics and full arrangement and everything), and I'm excited to be able to perform it in 2 days. I've never performed something that I wrote so last minute, but after my accident I'm feeling extremely "carpe diem." I'm gonna go with my instinct and live a little this time. I do like the song after all, and I look forward to sharing a video and mp3 of it with you (patrons) after the show.

Til' next time! (Or next reliable wifi, in my case...)

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