This *is* a mermaid's tail....
According to one of my references, one of Yemaya's sacred birds is the peacock. It seems a bit odd to me as I never associated them with the ocean. Nor are they native to Africa; rather, they are the National Bird of India.  So..... I don't know... but I wanted to incorporate peacock patterns into her mermaid tail just for fun. :)

The tail didn't turn out quite as I imagined, but I am content with it for now. Considering I have less than 48 hours to make the deadline, I might not get a chance to change anything about it, and I need to move on.

I will be working on the large crashing waves and the rocks tomorrow. 

This is a major project that I should have started over a month ago; it really needs more time and attention to detail.  Although I've been spending several hours on each portion of the painting, it still looks half-finished.  I could easily spend another 60 hours on it.  I hate submitting it this way, but there is nothing to be done except to press on and finish.

I already have another project lined up for February, an 8"x10" commission portrait from a repeat client. (He wanted it in January, but that wasn't possible).  I'll be jumping into that painting soon, and will share its progress (and my thoughts about it) with my Patrons. :) 

I also have a painting due for the Rabbits' auction on Feb 24th.  I missed so many of the group auction deadlines last year, and I've vowed NOT to miss any this year.  I have a concept in mind for the "Victorian/Gothic" theme, and I'm excited to work on it - hopefully I won't feel too rushed!  I'm aiming to make it a small piece just in case. :P

Good night! *yawn*