THIS is an MRA Olive Branch!?
This goes from wanting a 'friendly chat' and 'looking for solutions' to finger-pointing and outright lies in a hurry.

Bane666au, Dean Esmay, SeñorMiniBagel, MensRights Edmonton, spinosauruskin, Felfop Returns, dissect our chat with VarmitCoyote & BoboThursday

Our Original Video Chat:

Their Original Vid:

Our Chat calling out Kevin Logan:

Criticism of Anita Sarkeesian and Cracked:

Our Stance on Trigger Warnings & Safe Spaces:

Our Stance on Manspreading:

Our strong stance against lying in our defense:

Our Chats with Anti-Feminists SkepTorr, Alison Tieman and Karen Straughan:

Our Chat with MRAs Theryn Meyer & Brian Martinez:

The main focus of our channel (not youtube drama bullshit):

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