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Sinister Press is culminating into a reality here: The cuilverse has also been growing rapidly as Joelle Casteel and my niece and I discover, uncover, and create more Cuil crossovers. I've just finished up writing the foreword for Louisa Leontiades' newest book with Thorntree Press. I'll be slowly completing Aro Eros Arrows over the next few months as well. I've also prepared to finally launch Ally in Action, the Facebook group (the course is still underway, but read section 3 of this post to understand why it's behind). In other relevant and awesome news: 1. On PMW: You've likely noticed Postmodern Woman's transformation into an advice column and archive. You may not realize that it's also a fantastic way to support intersectional writers. Guest bloggers/columnists are still very very welcome, but now we will be in friendly competition to post engaging content. It's a new way to collaborate. For questions, info, and to get involved, hop on over to the new and improved 2. On Harlot: Harlot Media has morphed into a monthly magazine, with the site serving as an archive of former content as well as a spring board for new projects our contributors are creating. You can read our very first issue here: 3. On The Masters Introducing: The Masters Sound Off Project An intersectional glimpse into how oppression, discrimination, nonsense, and erasure affects the lives of my family and friends. Features topics close to our hearts. Our first section is A History of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Black People series Part One: An Intro by yours truly. An excerpt from A History of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Black People Part Two: It Matters by Marrissa the Second. You'll be given a glimpse into the past year or so of our lives. Become a patron of hers to see the rest. This is important, because fairly soon I'll be sharing the full details of the utter terror we've been subjected to in recent memory. Those of you who have been around since the formation of the INM group are familiar with some of what I've been through so far. Trust me when I say you don't know the half of it. But it's time. And while we do ask for your patronage for our projects, me sharing our recent story requires no funding, as it serves a different purpose. It will exemplify everything that the BLM movement stands for. I will ask you to share it far and wide. Our story needs to get out there. Get ready for the Neal family. It's about to go off!
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