This is not a painting!
I just wanted to share some newsy items. :) As May comes to a close, I find myself with six commissions to work on over the summer. This is highly irregular for me. They normally start rolling in around November for holiday gift-giving purposes, and this causes me to work like a maniac to get everything finished before mid-December. (Hint: if you want me to paint something for you in time for Christmas, please ask me in September or earlier.) Most of these summer commissions are portraits, and some of them are surprise gifts, so I won't be able to show you all of them here. But please know that I'll be slaving away over the next couple of months, and I'll keep making videos. I received some good news a couple of weeks ago: "Hooked" (the one with the lures and the diamond ring) won the Charles Strissel Memorial Award at the Illinois Watercolor Society's national exhibition, which is a step up from an honorable mention and came with a cash award. What a thrill to be included with this group of watercolor's heavy-hitters! Please visit this link to see all the award-winners and everything else in this show. I think it proves how competitive watercolor is now and the variety of work that's out there. Entering competitions like this is scary and even getting in is definitely no gimme. Also, something top secret regarding my art is going to happen in June, and no, it's not any of the usual things you'd expect artists to be excited about. You will in fact never guess what it is, so don't even try. And I can't give you any hints because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Am I going to make any money from this? No. I'm afraid it's a pittance and one of those "but at least your art is out there!!!1!" deals. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME ON PATREON! But this thing has been in the works since February, and it will happen "in June" (not sure when). If I think about it I get so excited and impatient that I have to force myself to think about anything else. OOOOOH THE MYSTERY!! I'm sorry. I wish I could tell you. But you'll know about it soon.