THIS IS NOT A DRILL! One Act Away from $1 Million! America's Got Talent EXCLUSIVE!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! The FINALS of America’s Got Talent are TONIGHT and this is your LAST CHANCE to VOTE FOR SARA AND HERO!!!!! Do it for the dogs, guys!!!!

I got an exclusive interview with Sara just hours before her performance tonight! Check it out!!! 

I am SO proud of these two and all they’ve accomplished. Bree and I are here in Los Angeles to support them LIVE so look for us on TV tonight ;) And then, make sure to VOTE!!!

The voting process is super easy and quick, but you MUST VOTE TONIGHT!! You can vote a total of 30 times per person! Here's how:

The VOTING WINDOW opens at 5PM PST/8PM EST on Tuesday Sep. 19th and ends 4AM PST/7AM EST on Wednesday Sep. 20th


1. AGT App for smart phones (just download the free app!)

2. At the NBC website: (Make sure to click SAVE VOTES and CAST ALL VOTES)

3. Call the toll free number 1-866-602-48__  TEN TIMES (phone number will be released during the show and I will post it here!)

You can vote up to 10 times per user, per voting method! So 30 total votes per person 😜👍 

In the meantime, if you'd like to get to know Sara and Hero and The Super Collies better or maybe start working on teaching some of those incredible stunts to your dog, here are a few of her appearances on my channel! 

- How to Teach 4 UNBELIEVABLE Tricks featuring AGT Star Sara Carson!

- How to Teach Your Dog to Be a SUPER DOG!

- Sara is Through to the SEMI FINALS!!