This is pretty close to what the cover will look like
I'm currently looking into the particulars of the license on the specific image, and may end up doing some modifications to it, blah blah (though credit will be given) but this looks to be the cover should things go poorly with the indiegogo.

Half of it is the cover for the ebook, pretty much without question.

The big problem is that I am not an artist, myself, and so cannot draw an image for the cover. The other big problem is that I am broke, flat out, and I believe that artists should be paid for their work. So I won't go begging for some freebie art, lol.

The image in the above is one from a wikipedia, and the license for it is somewhat allowable, so I am digging into the specifics (The title placement may be a problem).

Plus, yeah, it looks nothing like Chic with that hair, huh?  LOL. Hence the modifications part. I've got the tracing stuff and scanner ready.

You all have a say in this stuff, btw, as far as I am concerned, so your thoughts matter ;)