This Is Rape Culture
This is a tough one, so buckle up.

Child brides, Bacha Bazi, ISIS slavers, Boko Haram rapists, rape as a weapon of war, corrective rape, immigrant rape, human trafficking in the West, Vatican rape, military rape, prison rape, rapist visitation rights, news and politicians as rape apologists, the rape kit backlog, police rape and a lot...LOT more.

We need not say more.

We are going to let the title, these clips, and the sources below speak for themselves. What conclusion you draw from them and what your reaction is, will say more about you than it does about us. Keep that in mind when commenting.

Did you know about these issues?

Did you care?

What do you have to say about it?

Are you an apologist, just apathetic, or do you actually give a shit?

Let us know.

Rape Culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture.


Bacha Bazi:

ISIS Slaves:

Boko Haram:

Sexual violence as a weapon of war:

Rape very 26 seconds in S. Africa:

Corrective rape:

Human Trafficking (sex-slavery):

Slavery in the USA:

Vatican rape:

Prison Rape:

The rampant rape epidemic in the USA's military:

Rapist Custody Rights:

Prominent presidential candidates coming forward as pro-rape, anti-bodily autonomy.

Police are incentivized to prioritizing literally everything over rape cases.

Police rape:

Anti-women laws:

Executing women who fight back:

Executing women who don't fight back:

Global war on women:

Judges letting kid-rapists off light compared to non-violent drug crimes.

Even with a witness, a child rapist serves NO TIME.

"What was she wearing?":

and the flip because it doesn't really matter what the fuck you wear:

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