This is the reason why you should actually calibrate your Display Monitor!
After a bit of updating about the CANON Pro-1 Installation I go into trying to explain why calibrating your display monitor does not really have anything to do with your printer.

Monitor Calibration allows you to color edit your images and be assured that what you are actually visualizing is the correct rendition of your image's color values.

On the other hand Printers use ICC Profiles to MAP and tell the printer how to mix the ink colors in order to print the values your Image Editor sends to it as accurately and true to what you saw as possible.

If I load a standard image you can be assured that it will then appear correct.
Grays will be NEUTRAL. Colors will be accurate.

Now for the difficult to understand part. In fact you can send that Standard Image directly to the printer without EVER calibrating your monitor and as long as the printer is mechanically perfect, you are able to pass ink through every nozzle and you are using OEM inks, you will get a print that looks perfect in density and color.
Even though it may NOT appear correct in the uncalibrated monitor.

So do we need to calibrate? YES. If you want to make your careful color editing relevant and mean something.

But remember that the monitor is NOT tied to the printer.

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