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Gratitude! UNDYING gratitude! Even better, you'll also receive a bonus, previously-unpublished blog post. Each month's bonus blog post will initially ONLY be available to patrons, and will not be published for the public until at least one month after its distribution to patrons.
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At the hoity-toity $5 monthly level, you get to suggest the topic for a future blog post. Now, this ain't the blog equivalent of a suicide pact--I still retain the right to opt out of your suggestion if I think it's inappropriate for me--but I'll make a good-faith effort to accommodate as many of your suggestions as I can.
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You! You generous, debonair, sweet-smellin', hot-lookin' Patron O' The Arts, you! You get each of the previous two worthless incentives, AND you'll receive a personal note from me via snail-mail, along with a badly-drawn sketch of some super-hero (my choice--my skills are limited). 
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