This is Scary.....Define "Offensive"

 A.I algorithms such as the one Facebook uses will be crawling the comments section of ads and if enough people type in the words "I'm offended" what will stop the A.I from ghosting the ad or video because its getting a solid amount of negative feedback?.

People hate ads on their Facebook feed, if people can control what gets seen based on how comments are rated, then advertisers are going to have a very hard time converting ada because nobody likes them, and these days everyone is offended by everything so the A.I is going to have to decifer what is considered offensive based only by the amount of traffic a specific topicis getting in a negative way.

If you send out ads on how to make money on the web and people comment with words like "SCAM", or "Fake News" then keep in mind that the algorithm is basing its decisions on what to do with content solely based on user engagement. If most of the comments are mean, don't think that the ad that was posted will be very effective at all, we are heading into some very shady and gray areas when it comes to what gets seen and what gets blocked on platforms now.

What one person considers offensive, another person might actually enjoy but when you look at the majority of how people respond to ads on Facebook, its not good!