This is what mentorship looks like.
Shannon and I had a coffee meeting a few hours ago with an independent singer-songwriter friend of ours named Kate Steinway. I'm posting about this here because: this is what mentorship looks like. This is a tangible example of what you all are supporting via this Patreon. It's moments like this, where Shannon and I can take some time and help another artist along their path.

And: Kate is a best-case-scenario mentee. We had our first meeting with her about 9 months ago. She was just starting to do gigs. She didn't even have any music to sell people! We answered a bunch of questions that she had, and I subsequently helped her put together a little handmade EP with money she'd raised selling cookies at her shows (seriously). 

Cut to 9 months later, and Kate now has a second, professionally produced and packaged EP, that she made with profits from the first handmade EP. And this afternoon she had a new batch of questions, related to the next phase of her growth. This is how you do it!

So: thank you all for supporting this part of what Shannon and I do; because by supporting us, you're supporting Kate. And that's how we can all make a world with more independent artists' voices in it. ❤️

(And ps: now seems like a good time to mention that we have recently added a second membership level in here. It's $10/month. It's exactly the same as the $3/month level. You don't get any more stuff (and this group isn't about the stuff anyway). It's just in case you want to support this a little more each month than you already do. If you want to move to this level - a couple of people have already done this, and thank you! - go to and click on "Edit Pledge."