This is what happened to your T-shirts:
There's been a HUUUUGE issue with placing the orders for all of your shirts, and as much as it has sucked I believe we FINALLY found a solution. So, the company I was ordering the shirts originally from kept taking their sweet time replying to my emails and after a ridiculously long conversation they finally tell me A MONTH LATER that he now wants to charge me almost DOUBLE what was expected to order the shirts. They were trying to charge me almost $700 to do this print job, which was MORE than the total amount pledged on my Patreon... Almost $700 to print 25 shirts?! I don't fucking think so. Obviously that wasn't going to work out, they were blatantly trying to take advantage of me because they thought they could scam me out of all my money and get away with it. Which really sucks, because I considered them friends of mine. Luckily I knew better and got the hell away from them and was having a meltdown because I still didn't have anyone to do the shirts. Throughout this process I have been unwilling to compromise the quality of the shirt and design even though it may have been easier and cheaper in the end, and that's part of the reason why they tried to up charge me so steeply. Because it's so important to me that the products that I'm sending you guys are things that I'm 100% proud of and anything less is simply unacceptable. The most important thing was that they were printed on tri-blend material. Which if you don't know is incredibly soft, comfortable, and extremely flattering on any body type. Tri-blend isn't super special or extravagant, it's just a nice soft shirt that should only be a couple dollars more than the lowest quality shirts typically offered. Basically, I shouldn't have been quoted anything near the number they did.. I'm glad that I didn't fall for their scam because now I found a company to do it for even cheaper than originally anticipated, for the same quality shirts and design that I was so insistent on getting. I'm so sorry about the delay, but I hope this explanation helps you understand the nightmare that I've been going through on top of a week of all nighters in preparation for Comikaze, Blizzcon, and Dapper Day. I'm pretty sure that I'm more angry about it than you guys are, you've all been so supportive and understanding and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am. And honestly I'm actually happy with how this all worked out in the end. My friends just started a new clothing brand called Lucky Rabbit Co that just launched yesterday, and I'm having them do all my printing for you guys! I'll post updates here as I get them, and I'll try my hardest to get you guys an extra print or something to make up for this nightmare. I hope you understand.