This Monday's Muse Has Cut in Line
You may be wondering, "Monday Muse? But what about last Friday's Fictionette? Shouldn't that come first? Where is it, you slacker?" I will tell you where it is. It is stuck. It got stuck behind a stuckity stuckness, and that sucks. I'm sorry. It's alllllmost done! I'm hoping to publish it tomorrow. But in the spirit of underpromising and overdelivering (as the cast of Clue said, "Too late!"), I will swear only that it'll go up alongside of this Friday's offering at the very latest.

Meanwhile, here for your entertainment and amusement, and precisely on time, is your Monday Muse for the week ending in Friday, February 23, 2018:

Prompt: "Mortuary gab"

Source: random phrase 

Want to play along at home? Great! So do I! I mean, I did play with that prompt for a bit last month, obviously, but not for nearly long enough. Only some 330 words. Usually my freewriting sessions pass the millennium mark easily. I must have found myself obliged to "do a little if you can't do a lot." It was a Tuesday, and Tuesdays are roller derby nights, and I barely manage anything at all after derby practice. That might explain the brevity... or it would, except the Scrivener file has a creation timestamp of 1/23/2018 11:52 AM. And derby isn't until 6:30 PM. So I dunno what happened. I can't remember. In any case, I have almost no idea what the story-like object for February 23rd will look like. I guess we'll all find out together.