This Month on the Blog: April 2016

The Secret Lives of Friday Links

River Song: in the Hero Seat (a Great Ladies of Fiction essay, sponsored by Patreon supporter Heather Berberet)

Not If You Were The Last Short Story on Earth: April short story reviews

Sheep Might Fly podcast:
Glass Slipper Scandal Part 1
Glass Slipper Scandal Part 2
Glass Slipper Scandal Part 3
Glass Slipper Scandal Part 4

Galactic Suburbia
Episode 141: In which we stack up months of Culture Consumed into a glorious spiral tower of dubious structural integrity

Episode 107: A Tale of Two Families (delving deep into “Aliens of London” and “World War Three”)

Elsewhere on the Internet

Sheep Might Fly has its own Tumblr and Twitter accounts!

I started a Jennifer Roberson reread over on – remember the Cheysuli Chronicles?
Introducing the Cheysuli Reread and Book 1: Shapechangers

You can preorder a copy of And Then… the great big book of adventure tales over here at Indiegogo which includes novelettes and novellas by a bunch of exciting Aussie crime and SF authors – including my own story of assassins, trapeze artists and dragons: “Death at the Dragon Circus.”