This month's Creative Coauthor Book - Elderberry Recipes
The request for this month's creative coauthor book was a Elderberry Cookbook, which was so fun to put together! These berries grow wild in the mountains surrounding my childhood home. Growing up, I harvested some every year, either for snacking on, or to make into Ederberry syrup and jam.  

Elderberries grow wild across a large range of continents and climates, and if you can't find them wild, you can order them dried from a variety of online suppliers. Due to recent research linking them to having a positive effect on the immune system, elderberry syrup has become a popular item during cold and flu season.

Attached you'll find foldable books with several recipes and some more information about this neat plant. Just download your preferred paper size, and follow the instructions in this video to make your own foldable book. And if you're one of the pen pal patrons, no need to fire up the printer! I'll be mailing a folded book to you this afternoon.

Thank you for your support!

The picture is from Wikepedia, creative commons license, author Edal Anton Lefterov.