This month's goal...
Last month I set goals and you guys helped me meet it. This month, my goal is more ambitious. I would like to hit $200 for the month of April. That's just $35. I'd like most of that to come from new patrons. Let's say at least six new patrons. The rest could come from those of you at the $1 deciding you'd like some of this content you aren't right now and getting your name on the site. 

I really feel like the only ways I can do this are asking people one on one (which is how some of you found this) and by you folks talking about why you're supporting me to your friends. 

If any of you have any other ideas, let me know. I'm open. 

Also, I wrote 1500 words of a western short which features a character I came up with for the Tesla Ranger anthology. She's based on my editor Sue and she kicks much ass. You'll see that next month, along with the other two shorts I plan on finishing in the next couple of weeks. 

Let's do this!!

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